ISIN Code Sector Consumer Services
Ticker Subsector Transport and Distribution
Private Meetings Antonio Tejedo Obregon (Vicepresident of Investor Relations)
Panels Growing our businesses, a matter of state.
Profile TRAXIÓN is the leading ground transportation and logistics company in Mexico, offering a unique, one-stop solution for (i) cargo and logistics and (ii) contracted personnel and student transportation services. Through these two complementary operating segments, TRAXION provides domestic and international ground transportation in a highly fragmented market. With its disciplined and targeted acquisition strategy and organic growth, it has created the TRAXION platform, which includes seven key, highly recognized brands for their leadership and quality in the markets they serve. Through its diverse and flexible fleet of trucks, trailers and buses, as well as rigorous maintenance and replacement programs, TRAXION is able to provide superior service throughout all of Mexico and arrange for forwarding services to the United States.
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