ISIN Code Sector Consumer Services
Ticker Subsector Water and Others
Speaker Mariana Fernández González (Investor Relations & Sustainability)
Private Meetings Mariana Fernández González (Investor Relations & Sustainability)
María Fernanda Escobar de Velasco (Investor Relations & Sustainability)
Profile We are a leading Mexican Company that drives us to grow steadily and to cross borders to bring our storage, conduction, purification and water treatment solutions to other countries. Our passion is to innovate and develop new technologies that allow us to provide a broad portfolio of high quality products and maximum guarantee, according to the needs and the various standards and certifications.
We have more than 20 production plants and the expert staff at the forefront. As part of our commitment to bring more and better water to people and improve their quality of life, we have developed a comprehensive model contemplating a series of actions that impact on the triple slope of sustainability: economic, social and environmental, contributing to preserve the environment for the welfare of this and the generations to come.
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