ISIN Code Sector Oil, gas and power
Ticker Subsector Electricity and Gas
Speaker Renato Rocha (Director de Relaciones con Inversores)
Private Meetings Renato Rocha (Director de Relaciones con Inversores)
Renato Rocha (Director de Relaciones con Inversores)
Profile Neoenergia SA is a Brazil-based holding company primarily engaged in the electric utilities sector. Through its subsidiaries, the Company is involved in the distribution, transmission, generation and marketing of electrical energy. As of December 31, 2011, the Company’s subsidiaries included Companhia de Eletricidade do Estado da Bahia Coelba (COELBA), which is active in the distribution of electrical energy in the Brazilian State of Bahia; Companhia Energetica de Pernambuco CELPE, engaged in the distribution of electricity in the State of Pernambuco; Companhia Energetica do Rio Grande do Norte COSERN, which distributes electrical energy in the State of Rio Grande do Norte; Afluente Geracao de Energia Eletrica SA, active in the generation of energy through hydroelectric power plants, and Termopernambuco SA, which is involved in the power generation through a thermoelectric power plant, among others.
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