ISIN Code ES0105029005 Sector Telecoms and IT services
Ticker FACE Subsector Electronics and Software
Speaker Sofía Ortega Santos (Investor Relations)
Private Meetings Fernando Orteso (Vicepresidente del Consejo de Admin.)
Prado Garrigós Guijarro (Marketing Director)

Facephi provides secure, fast and easy to use technology. Experts in users´ digital identity verification, it specialises in digital onboarding and biometric authentication solutions. It was established with the aim of creating more secure, accessible and fraud-free digital processes; to achieve this, FacePhi is committed to innovation with artificial intelligence and machine learning, applying blockchain technology and introducing decentralised digital identity.

Facephi develops its technology with the aim of providing the best user experience, with the client’s prior knowledge and consent. To do this, the company complies with high ethical standards and, in addition, obeys KYC, AML and RGPD regulations. Today, a company that began as a leader in the financial industry -one of the most demanding sectors with regard to security- has a presence in many others: Insurance, health, public administration, travel and transportation, sporting events and shared mobility.

With headquarters in Spain and branches in South Korea, Uruguay and United Kingdom, Facephi has a multidisciplinary team determined to offer the best technology to its clients -no matter where they are.


Facephi already boasts 300 million users worldwide and more than 120 clients, with a retention rate of over 95%. 

Web https://www.facephi.com/es
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