ISIN Code ES0105121000 Sector Basic Materials, Industry and Construction
Ticker CLR Subsector Engineering and others
Speaker Miguel Angel García-Ramos Lucero (Director de Relación con Inversores)
Private Meetings Miguel Angel García-Ramos Lucero (Director de Relación con Inversores)
Miguel Angel García-Ramos Lucero (Director de Relación con Inversores)

Clerhp Estructuras, specialists in the design, calculation and construction of structures.

CLERHP Estructuras, S.A., founded in 2011 and the parent company of the CLERHP group, specializes in structural engineering, operates internationally providing design, calculation, technical assistance and construction of structures of all types of buildings.

Our group has a Calculus centre in Spain from which engineering is carried out for all the projects in which CLERHP participates. We do it in a way that the subsidiaries act as generators of the engineering market, capturing projects in the different cities in which we operate. This form of growth allows the emergence of interesting economies of scale in the matrix and does so through positive feedback, since having our own engineering facilitates in turn our subsidiaries (construction of structures) have an important added value for the customer. All this with a special interrelation between the calculation, commercial and production areas, that make CLERHP a group of unique companies in a sector with a very high specialization.

CLERHP offers its services providing the added value and experience of its engineering team that brings together architects, engineers and professionals of the sector forged in the years of real estate growth in Spain.

The CLERHP group has offices and delegations in Spain, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia , where it develops projects of great added value for its clients.

We are a business group formed by a multidisciplinary and powerful engineering, with an important commercial portfolio, an innovative financial model and our own R + D + i developments.


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