ISIN Code ES0105630315 Sector Basic Materials, Industry and Construction
Ticker CIE Subsector Mineral, Metal and Transformation
Private Meetings Juan Camiña Santiago (Investor Relations)
Beatriz Diaz de Villafranca (Investor Relations)

CIE Automotive is a process company that masters all the technologies available for the manufacture of automotive components, assemblies, and subassemblies: Aluminium HPDC, Forging, Iron Casting, Machining, Metal Stamping and Tube Forming and Plastic Injection. It also produces Roof Systems.

CIE Automotive has 114 manufacturing facilities (5 of them multi-technology) located in 108 different locations, spread over 16 countries in 4 continents: North America (12 Mexico and 7 USA), South America (11 Brazil), Europe (20 Spain, 2 France, 2 Portugal, 3 Germany, 3 Italy, 5 Czech Republic, 3 Romania, 1 Lithuania, 1 Russia, 2 Slovakia), Asia (24 India and 11 China) and Africa (1 Morocco).

In its more than 20-year history, CIE Automotive has consolidated its position as one of the most successful integration stories, with more than 100 M&A transactions and a unique business model based on geographic, commercial and technological diversification, financial discipline and decentralised management. In 2019, a new key pillar was added: the integration of ESG standards into the day-to-day management and decision-making of the company.

Thus, in 2021, CIE Automotive presented its 2025 Strategic Plan, a comprehensive and ambitious project to progress along the path of sustainable profitability, with both operational and ESG-related targets. Operating commitments and inorganic growth will turn CIE Automotive into a company with EBITDA of €1bn and net profit of €500m from 2025 onwards. The 79 non-financial KPIs defined by the various areas involved will facilitate monitoring compliance with the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy.

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