ISIN Code Sector Basic Materials, Industry and Construction
Ticker CIE Subsector Mineral, Metal and Transformation
Private Meetings Lorea Aristizabal (Directora de Desarrollo Corporativo)
Juan Camiña (Relacion con Inversores)

CIE Automotive is a process company that masters all the technologies available for the manufacture of automotive components and subassemblies: Aluminum Injection, Forging, Iron Casting, Machining, Metal Stamping and Tube Forming and Plastic Injection. It also produces Roofing Systems.

CIE Automotive has 110 manufacturing facilities (5 of them multi-technology) located in 105 different locations, spread over 16 countries in 4 continents: North America (12 Mexico and 7 USA), South America (12 Brazil), Europe (20 Spain, 2 France, 2 Portugal, 3 Germany, 3 Italy, 5 Czech Republic, 3 Romania, 1 Lithuania, 1 Russia, 2 Slovakia), Asia (20 India and 11 China) and Africa (1 Morocco).

During 2019, the integration of three companies was announced:

  - Aurangabad Electricals Ltd., an Indian family group whose activity is centered on the production of high-pressure aluminum injection and gravity-feed parts.

 - The roofing division of Inteva, a company with exposure to China, Europe and North America and which is in the top 3 worldwide in the design and manufacture of panoramic glass roofs. This integration has become CIE Automotive's largest acquisition to date.

  - Mapremex (Mexico), in order to take advantage of the set of production assets that complement CIE Automotive's machining activities in Mexico and enable significant future physical and commercial expansion in this and other technologies. This transaction reinforces CIE Automotive's commitment to the Mexican automotive market.

In January 2020, the acquisition of the Italian company Somaschini was closed. Somaschini is a company with a presence in both Italy and the United States that specializes in the manufacture of gear systems whose applications include sectors such as transportation and automotive, as well as industry and robotics.

Thus, CIE Automotive has established itself as one of the most successful integration stories in its more than 20-year history, with more than 100 M&A transactions and a unique business model based on geographical, commercial and technological diversification, financial discipline and decentralized management.

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