ISIN Code ES0105148003 Sector Consumer Goods
Ticker Subsector Pharmacy Products and Biotechnology
Private Meetings Jose Maria Huch Ginesta (CFO)
Juan Querejeta Roca (Investors Relations)

Atrys Health (BME: ATRY), founded in 2015, is a Spanish multinational that provides precision medical prediction, prevention, diagnosis and treatment services. Pioneer in the fields of telemedicine and state-of-the-art radiation therapy.

The company integrates a team of more than 2000 professionals in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Latin America.

Atrys structures its prevention and precision activity around five business units: telemedicine, oncology, pathology, prevention and big data. Through these, the company carries out conventional and advanced radiotherapy treatments, performs diagnostic tests in its own network of laboratories, analyzes radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology and dermatology tests electronically, and provides smart and big data to the health sector.

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