ISIN Code Sector Basic Materials, Industry and Construction
Ticker Subsector Manuf.& Assembly of Capital Goods
Speaker Alexander Arteche Panera (Presidente y CEO)
Private Meetings Luis Maria Perez Cuadrado (General Manager)

Created in 1946, the Arteche Group carries out its activity in the electricity sector, from generation to distribution, specialising in the equipment, components and electric solutions industry.

Within this framework, the Arteche Group ranks among the TOP 3 world leaders in the instrument transformers market, leads the auxiliary relays market and maintains a regional leadership position for the remaining products specifically intended for highly-demanding and high added value markets, such as renewable generation and railway.

The Arteche Group’s business focusses on enabling the transport and distribution of electric energy from any generation plant to the final user with efficiency, quality and reliability. For this purpose, the company consistently invests in R&D&i, with the aim to improve the quality and efficiency of its products, innovate in the development of new products and provide its customer with a differential added value.

Arteche’s customer base is highly diversified, utilities being its main customers (Arteche has homologations with over 1,500 utilities around the world), but also enjoys the trust of various EPCs, OEMs and distributors. Our top-5 customers have been working with the Arteche Group for over 30 years.

Arteche currently has commercial distribution capacity in over 150 countries; it has 11 factories in Europe, America and Asia, including 6 research centres, and over 2,000 employees around the world.

Besides, the company has a healthy financing structure as it uses instruments such as MARF, BEI or Cofides’ sustainable financing.

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