November 24th, 25th and 26th

Latibex Forum

This year the Latibex Forum celebrates its 22nd anniversary, due the COVID-19 the Forum will be Virtual. The Forum begins on the 24th with an opening panel and the “One-On-One” meetings and the sectoral panels will take place on the 25th and 26th.

Latibex is the Latin American Stock Market in Euros that has sheltered almost 40 companies since 1999, reaching a total market cap of more than 500,000 million Euros. Throughout its 21 years, Latibex has become the reference market in Europe for the main Latin American stocks, providing these companies with an effective way to improve their visibility among European investors and an interesting access point to the Euro capital markets.

BME, as the promoter of an event that enhances Latin American companies’ funding and their connection with European companies, considers it is a priority task to continue fostering business relations between these complementary regions.

For twenty years, the Forum has gone hand-in-hand with the social, political and economic transformation, from 1998 with the Euro project up to now with the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Main Sponsors

Santander DELOITTE Grupo Salinas


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