Cód. ISIN Sector Servicios Financieros
Ticker Subsector Banca
Ponente Claudia Labbé Montevecchi (Head of Investor Relations)
Atenderán Entrevistas Daniel Carmona Moreno (Gerente. Banca Corporativa)
Nitcy Lepe (Investor Relations Associate)
Perfil CorpBanca SA Bancaria is a Chile-based financial institution primarily engaged in the provision of commercial and retail banking services. The Bank also comprises such other activities as factoring, leasing, investment fund management, insurance and securities brokerage, among others. It operates a network of 116 branches, 420 automated teller machines (ATMs) and 210 UniRed self-service machines. The Company ownes such fully consolidated subsidiaries as CorpBanca Corredores de Bolsa SA, CorpBanca Administradora de Fondos SA, CorpBanca Asesorias Financieras SA, CorpLegal SA and CorpBanca Agencia de Valores SA, among others. In addition, CorpGroup Banking SA was the Company’s majority shareholder with 51.23% of its interest. In August 2013, the Company acquired a 100% stake in Helm Bank SA.
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