ISIN Code ES0105148003 Sector Consumer Goods
Ticker Subsector Pharmacy Products and Biotechnology
Speaker Santiago de Torres Sanahuja (Presidente Ejecutivo)
Private Meetings jose maria huch ginesta (CFO)
Isabel Lozano Fernández (CEO)

ATRYS is an innovative company dedicated to providing diagnostic services and medical treatments of excellence, combining technical diagnostic accuracy in pathological and molecular and diagnostic anatomy online image through its own technological platform multi-specialty, with new radiation oncology treatments. 

ATRYS aims to apply the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The commitment of the Company is to bring medical excellence as many potential patients, by applying the latest technology and the most advanced scientific knowledge. 

The company also offers online services in different specialties medical imaging diagnosis, through its own platform, such as radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology and dermatology. These services allow relocate the report of the specialist center where the test is performed. 

ATRYS  carries out an integrated management of oncological disease, from individualized diagnosis (pathology, molecular, genetic and radiological) to the hypo-fractionated radiotherapy or single dose patients likely to benefit from this treatment, through collaborative arrangements management centers reference health. 

The company, whose headquarter is located in Madrid, has two main laboratories, equipped with equipment and technologies needed for diagnosis and research, located in Barcelona and Granada Genyo Center. 

Also, ATRYS develops projects of applied R & D that have generated several patent families, in collaboration with centers of national and international reference, aimed at improving diagnostic systems and treatment modalities, which allows the company to incorporate latest scientific advances to their clinical practice. 

The ATRYS business model is based on four pillars: 

  • Services of imaging diagnostic medical  excellence multi-specialty online, for public and private health centers both Spanish and international. 

  • Oncological diagnosis personalized services, including the specialties of pathology, molecular pathology and genetics, incorporating the latest scientific advances. 

  • Advanced radiation oncology services to provide customized radiation treatments Single Dose in collaboration with private and public medical centers.

  • R & D and patents to develop tools to improve diagnosis and treatment.
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