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What is the Latibex Forum?  

The 2017 Latibex Forum, “Eurolatam Business Meeting”, will take place on November 23rd and 24th, in the Madrid Stock Exchange Palace (Spain).

The event is structured in two parts that take place simultaneously. On the one hand, a conference programme which is open to the public provides the Latin American and Spanish companies, investors, analysts and institutional bodies with the opportunity to contribute with their perspective about the most relevant topics within the financial sector.



In parallel, and free of charge, BME provides the listed Latin American and Spanish companies with a complete schedule of one-on-one meetings with institutional European investors. BME organizes the agendas, and sets the perfect environment to encourage the exchange of information between fund managers, buy-side analysts and companies’ representatives.


During both days of the Latibex Forum, there will be numerous networking opportunities for the encounters’ participants. In addition to the coffee-break, which is open to the general public, there will be a luncheon for the listed companies, institutional investors and sponsors.

With this initiative, which is celebrating this year its 19th anniversary, BME pretends to be part of the evolution towards a meeting that overcomes the capital markets' environment and becomes a reference point of other economic aspects, such as corporate and institutional relations between Spain and Latin America.



When and where?   
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November 23rd & 24th



Palacio Bolsa

Madrid Stock Exchange Palace
Pza. Lealtad, 1
28014 Madrid

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About Latibex  
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Latibex is the only international market which is just for Latin American securities. The market’s creation, in December 1999, was approved by the Spanish government and it is regulated by the current Spanish securities market regulation.

Latibex is an ideal way to channel European investment efficiently towards Latin America. European investors can buy and sell shares and securities in leading Latin American companies through a single market, with a single operating system for trading and settlement and a single currency, the Euro. The market is based on the trading and settlement platform of the Spanish stock market, in such a way that the Latin American securities listed on Latibex are traded and settled like any other Spanish security.

Meanwhile, Latibex gives Latin American companies easy and efficient access to the European capital market. In short, it brings European investors close to one of the world’s most economically attractive regions, streamlining the operational and legal complexity and reducing risks. And this is all achieved in an environment of high information transparency.

BME has also consolidated Latibex’s innovative technical and functional organization. The Co-ordination Agreements between Latibex and Latin American stock markets make for shared and integrated management which, as well as spurring development of the market, promotes its advantages more widely.

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